2010 NFL Week 1 Picks


watch nfl online free – The 2010 NFL week 1 matches are close, and many sportsbooks have put their opening lines. Learning how to make money gambling on NFL games isn’t really simple, as the traces in professional soccer are normally 3 points or less. Locating a glaring mistake in a gambling line is very uncommon, which means that you have to search, study, and wager clever to be able to have a winning year.

That said, here are my 2010 NFL week one chooses. I looked at several sites as well as the below information reveals a consensus at stake from an assortment of casinos and online sportsbooks.

Best NFL Week One Pick:

New Orleans Saints minus 4 on the Vikings.

This line is just one that stunned me a bit. The Saints are just favored by 4 points over the Vikings. Brett Farve missed most of camp (again) and the Vikings are suspicious at recipient using Percy Harvin suffering from migraines and Sydney Rice now suspicious to play in the match. This looks like a definite Saints triumph by well over 7 factors. Require New Orleans minus 4 day long.

Other Good Week One NFL Betting Lines to Look in:

Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans – Titans are -6.5 currently.

This line fell under a touchdown a week, also shows no signs of going. This is fantastic news for somebody who enjoys the Titans within this particular game. Tennessee must win this one by more than a touchdown, particularly since the wellbeing of fresh Raiders QB Jason Campbell is in question.

Chris Johnson was a complete stud last year, and together with the double threat from Vince Young, await Tennessee to acquire this one moving.

So there you have it. Two excellent betting games to your first week of the 2010 NFL season. Most gambling lines don’t provide any significance to the sports bettor, though, a tiny analysis can frequently discover some real hidden gems should you listen.

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