Cheap Flights to South Africa – Top Tips For Finding Cheap Airfares to & Within South Africa

Tip # 1: Make Sure The Airline Consolidators You Consider Have Flights To South Africa In Their Database First consider using air ticket consolidators to Get a cheap Trip to Johannesburg or Cape Town, South Africa’s two international gateways.

Which exactly are airline consolidators? They can be traveling anglers who purchase tremendous amounts of air line tickets on major airlines such as South African Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Air France cheap flights to London. All of consolidators don’t have contracts together with air companies thus be certain the consolidator includes a contract with all the significant airlines that fly into South Africa. Afterward a air ticket consolidator is in a position to pass on enormous savings for you. While in the UK, consolidators, and also the traveling agents that they often sell through, will also be referred to as bucket shops. Some times the savings are upto 70% off the airlines’ published airfares. If you want cheap air tickets that you have to look beyond SAA, that will be by far the dominant airline into southern Africa. If you’re inclined to fly through another airline hub airport or town, then you increase your chances of finding cheap flights. As an Example, South African Airways is the most dominant airline for flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg from London and the USA. Therefore in the Event You want cheap flights in London or the US to Cape Town or Johannesburg, you may believe British Airways or even better yet a airline like KLM or Air France or even Emirates.


KLM, Air France or even Emirates means that you would have to fly through Amsterdam, Paris or even Dubai on the Road into Cape Town or Johannesburg. But the savings might be worth it. Exactly the same would apply if you wanted cheap flights to or from South Africa to Australia.
Tip number3: Consider Flying On Low Cost, No Frills Airlines to Get Cheap Flights Inside the Country Cheap flights within South Africa frequently may be seen on a few of the country’s newer, no frills or very low cost airlines. Kulula, Mango, 1 period (one time airlines), also until recently Nationwide, all had cheap flights between South African cities. And, in the instance of all Comair (which is the local British Airways partner), there are cheap flights to popular destinations in neighboring places like Victoria Falls and Mauritius. However, the no frills airlines aren’t always the best choice. Because so much business has been lost by South African Airways to those airlines, the big national carrier has had to struggle back. Therefore don’t discount South African Airways, it can have low air fare prices also.

High and increasing airfare ticket prices on Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa appear to be here to stay. Finding discount airfare to South Africa will continue to be a challenge. Following these tips will help you increase your chances of receiving the cheapest air fares.

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